Frequently Asked Questions for 1911 Kits

Frequently Asked Questions 

Conversion Kits for 1911 Kits 

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Our 1911 conversion kit is made to fit any FULL SIZE 1911-A1 frame, series 70 or 80, made to Military Specifications. If your gun is not made to military specifications then some fitting maybe required. Please contact the manufacture of your 1911 if you're not sure if your gun is made to military specifications.


Yes. However, depending upon the manufacture, some slight work maybe required on our slide stop lever. We have found that the different manufactures use different strength springs that push the plunger against the slide stop lever. If the spring is to stiff the slide stop lever may need to be modified accordingly.


Yes. The barrel in your gun doesn't affect the conversion kit.


The Target Model has the sights attached directly to the barrel so the sights are not affected by the movement slide. We also make an optional scope mount for the Target Model. The Standard and Commander Models are similar to your 1911 where the sights are mounted on the moving slide. No scope mount available for these models.


The conversion kit works best with 40 grain High Velocity ammo. We recommend Remington Golden Bullets as an inexpensive plinking ammo and CCI 40 grain MiniMags, not the hollow points, if you're looking for a little better reliability and accuracy.


We do not recommend any Winchester , CCI Blazers, Remington Thunderbolts or Federal ammo except their Automatch brand. Do not use Stinger or other hyper velocity ammo.


Not in the Standard or Commander Kit. SV ammo may be used in the Target Kit when using the optional reduced power recoil spring.




Not for the 1911 conversion kits.


Yes, the kits like to run a little wet. We recommend that you put a drop of oil on each of the slide rails and one drop on the steel surface that makes contact with the hammer.


Send the ENTIRE kit, along with any extra magazines. DO NOT SEND IN THE KIT WITHOUT THE MAGAZINE. DO NOT SEND YOUR GUN. Provide a brief description of the problem along with your return address INSIDE the package. DO NOT send your unit packaged in an envelope, use a box. Send to: Advantage, 3926 N. Schreiber Way, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815. We will return the kit via FedEx ground with a signature required. No P.O. Boxes.


If you have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer you can download the manuals here: 1911 Manual


No. We only offer discounts to Dealers that have a current Federal Firearms License on file with our company.


You should get 2 inch or better groups at 50 yards with the 1911-22S Standard Kit. The average group for the 1911-22T Target Kit is 1.6 inch at 50 yards, using inexpensive ammo. Quality, standard velocity target ammo like Eley 10X can produce 1 inch groups when used with the optional reduced power recoil spring.


No. We do not export.


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Click Here to make a payment for out of warranty repair shipping. This is only necessary if the kit is out of its warranty period, or the problem is not a manufacture defect.

The shipping charge includes insurance and a signature required.


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