Trouble Shooting

1. Light strikes & Feeding

  a. Are you using a stock Glock? Frame

        i. We only recommend shooting our kits on stock Glock frames

  b. Are you using an 80% Frame?

        i. We only recommend shooting our kits on stock Glock frames, customers have made it work in the past. But we dont recommend it due to liability reasons, and we cant guarantee the fitment of a frame finished by a customer and not a manufacture. Customers have made it work, but the slide needs to have a smooth/loose fit, and we strongly recommend using Stock Glock Internal parts.

  c. Do you have any aftermarket triggers, connectors, or spring kits

        i. Our kits are designed to work with Stock Glock Components, any variation to them can adversely affect the performance of the kit. For example, the way aftermarket connectors reduce trigger pull is by changing the geometry of the trigger, making the sear drop earlier then stock. This lowers the load pressure of the spring and thus dropping the stored energy in the firing pin, and can cause light strikes.

  d. Have you cleaned and lubricated your kit properly

        i. Lube diagram

  e. What ammo are you using?

        i. CCI 40 Mini Mag

             1. This is our preferred ammo, we test fire all of our kits with this ammo. It has a good bullet weight and a fast burning powder.

        ii. CCI AR Tactical

                1. This is another really good ammo, we strongly recommend it due to its bullet weight and fast burning powder

        iii. CCI 36 Mini Mag

        iv. The 36 Grain bullet can cause some issues. This bullet has a lower bullet mass. If you can remember Newtons Third Law of equal and opposite reactions the heavier the bullet the more energy will be transferred to the slide and thus a stronger cycle.

        v. Blazer

               1. Recommended 40 grain round nose, It isnt as good as the CCI 40 Gran bullets, but they work well with our kits.

        vi. Remington Golden 36 hollow

               1. This is a fine ammo for the price, but you should expect a few more issue with it. We find more light loads and duds with this ammo then some of the others. It also tends to be a dirty ammo, so you will need to clean it more often

        vii. Thunderbolts

               1. Not recommended, we have found that this ammo tends to lead up barrel pretty quickly, and thus we dont recommend it.

        viii. Stinger or any other hyper velocity

               1. Do Not Use Hyper Velocity Ammo. It just has too much pressure for our aluminum slide.

        ix. Winchester

               1. We do not recommend this ammo. We have found that it has a slower burning powder, and thus much of the gun powder burns after the bullet has left the barrel, which is waisted energy. And will prevent the slide from cycling. The stuff is great for a 16 inch barrel, but not a 4 inch one.

        x. Federal Auto Match

               1. Auto Match is an ok ammo. It isnt strongly recommended, but it will do the job.

        xi. Other Federal Ammo

               1. We do not recommend any Federal ammo other then the Auto Match. It wont cycle slide, we believe that this is because it has a slower powder, and thus much of the gun powder burns after the bullet has left the barrel, which is waisted energy. And will prevent the slide from cycling. The stuff is great for a 16 inch barrel, but not a 4 inch one.

        xii. Other ammos

               1. We recommend sticking with a 40 grain

               2. 1200-1250 FPS        Round nose, preferably

  f. Are you resting your thumb on the side of the slide while shooting?

        i. Some of our more competitive shooters might run into this problem. If you rest your thumb on the side of the slide, the pressure of you pushing can actually slow down the cycle of the slide and cause all kinds of miss feeds. No one ever wants to admit to doing it, but many do. A good way to test it, is to shoot the kit one handed. If the problem disappears, then you are touching the slide.

  g. Are you limp wristing the firearm

        i. This generally isnt a problem. But if you have a younger shooter, and they seem to be the one with all the feeding issues. Limp Wristing can cause many different feeding issues.

  h. When loading the first round into battery, are you pulling back on the side and letting it slam shut, or are you slowly closing the slide or pushing down on the slide lock, sending it into battery.

        i. We recommend that when loading your Conversion Kit, to pull back on the slide and release it from the rear most point, and let it slam shut. This is how it was designed, and changing it can cause many different feeding issues including ejecting a live round directly out of the top of the kit. So please, just pull back and let it go. Also, if you push on the slide lock lever to load your conversion kit, your thumb might drag on the slide and keep it from going tight into battery.

        i. Is the problem a new issue or one you have had the entire time

        i. If it is new, have you changed anything on the firearm frame

               1. If it a new problem it might be that the firing pin has made contact with the back side of the barrel, thus pushing a burr into the chamber. We have a cut out on the face of the barrel to prevent this from happening, but some times the firing pin can make contact. As the brass swells, the burr can drag on the spent brass, thus slowing the cycle rate and cause feed issues.

               2. Go ahead and inspect the chamber, we do have a cut out already there to prevent this issue. The cut out should be dull, if the cutout is shinny, there is a good chance it has made contact with the firing pin.

               3. Let perform our drop test, remove the barrel from the kit. Set slide and frame aside for now. And get a live round. Lets hold the barrel facing downward and drop the live round into the chamber. It should drop all the way down until seated without assistance. Then flip the barrel over, and the round should drop out without assistance. Put the live round away before reassembling your firearm.

               4. If it dragged, you have a burr. There are several way to address this. First you can polish it away with a Dremel tool with a polishing head.

                    a. You can take a small rat tail file and file away the excess material. Do this one swipe at a time, you dont want to take away too much material.

                    b. Or you could always send it in to us, and we will rechamber it here in the shop

2. Are you using a red dot?

  a. There are many people currently using a red dot on the .22 lr conversion kit. But we would like to remind you that weight is crucial when using a conversion kit. So if you decide to use a red dot, please try and get the lightest one you can.

        i. Please also keep in mind that if you add a red dot, your conversion kit might become more ammo sensitive. If that is the case we recommend that you use CCI Mini Mag 40 grain round nose ammo.

3. Your kit is shooting too high?

  a. Send us an email including your mailing address and a quick description of the problem, and we will send you out some taller front sights.

4. My slide is stuck on my frame

  a. Did you remove the magazine?

        i. Remove the magazine and try again

  b. Is the breach open?

        i. Reference the installed my kit wrong