Tourniquet Tag

Once you are done learning how to make holes, it is time to learn how to plug holes. Let us make your tourniquet rig more effective and reliable with the Tourniquet Tag from Advantage Arms.

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As with your Concealed Carry weapon, a tourniquet needs to be on at all times and ready for deployment at all times. After all, one of the first things you learn about self-defense is that you don't have what you don't have. Or When seconds count, the Paramedic could be many minutes away. Therefore your tourniquet needs to be ready to go at all times.

Tourniquet 101 will teach you that right after deploying the tourniquet you are to note the time and date. But what if you have forgotten your sharpie that day, or lost it in the heat of things? Advantage Arms has the solution. It is a permanently mounted Tourniquet Tag. You simply fold over the Time and Day of the Week on our ridged, anodized aluminum tag.

By design, our Tourniquet Tag can never become soiled due to trauma and can never become over saturated, thus making it impossible to write on. Also, it is made to work with any of your existing tourniquets.

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