Recommended Red Dots

Having Trouble Picking a Red Dot?

Here are three of our recommendations:

1.Trijicon RMR: Trijicons are a great option, they are very durable and are a premium brand in the Red Dot community. But they are priced accordingly. We offer adapter plates that will mount your RMR to our Conversion Kits

2. Holosun SCS-MOS: The SCS is a great option. They mount directly to slide without adapter plates. This helps our conversion kits by decreasing the overall weight of the unit due to the lack of adapter plates.

3. UTG Micro: The UTG Mirco is a great option. They are light weight and inexpensive. They do require an adapter plate (same as the Trijicon) If you are looking to go out plinking and stay on budget, I think this is the best option. They aren’t as nice as the Trijicon or the Holosun, but for the price, I think they are a great product and will do just fine for range duty.

Max Red Dot Weight of 1.5 Oz

We have UTGs avalible along with the proper mounting plates below