About Us

Advantage Arms was founded in 1997 by Army Veteran Steve Jennings of Valencia, California,

who discovered the niche market of .22 conversion kits and set out to make the best functioning

kit at an affordable price. Over time, the product line grew to twenty-five variations of conversion

kits for Glocks, 1911s, and XD pistols.

After many successful years, Steve passed the torch to his son,

Brandon, who brought the business up to beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Brandon has been a central figure in the company since the early 2000s,

managing day-to-day operations and engineering new products.

Featured at the 2022 Shot Show in Las Vegas, Advantage Arms' latest products

the P-365 and HellCat conversion kits are in final design stages and nearly

ready for market.

Used by several police forces across the country for training purposes,

as well as by some of the best competitive shooters out there,

Advantage Arms conversion kits are versatile, fun to shoot,

and great for both new shooters and skilled shooters alike.

Family Owned - Veteran Founded - Affordable - Easy to Use