Trouble Shooting


My slide is stuck on my frame.


Did you remove the magazine?

If not, please remove the magazine and try again


Is the breach open? If so,

This procedure assumes that the ejector was incorrectly installed. If the ejector is incorrectly installed it will keep the breech from closing and will disengage the firing pin from the trigger.
You will not be able to remove the unit while it is cocked. If you can't release the firing pin by pulling the trigger then you will need to do the following:

1. You will need some kind of tool to push the firing pin sleeve forward, I
like to use a 3/32 pin punch, however a small screwdriver or small drill
will also work.

2. Pull the slide back and lock it open with the slide stop.

3. Turn the gun over and you will see the firing pin and sleeve at the rear
of the slide. The sleeve is in front of the firing pin. See Picture 1.

4. Using the tool you've selected, push the spring loaded firing pin sleeve
forward holding it there. With your other hand, remove the cover plate on
the back of the slide. See Picture 2 and Picture 3.

5. Once the cover plate is removed you can pull the firing pin assembly
out. See Picture 4.

6. Release the slide stop and slowly close the slide.

7. You should now be able to remove the side assembly per the instruction
in the Owner manual.

The conversion ejector may have been damaged if it was pinched between the
slide and the barrel. If the little slot that engages with the tap on the
barrel is tight you can open it up a bit with a flat bladed screwdriver.