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Gain the Advantage with

Advantage Arms New Two Stage Trigger.

For your Glock Pistol

Two Stage Trigger For Glock Pistol

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Nicknamed “The Monkey Bump” because of its odd resemblance to the childhood welts often dished out by older siblings, our new Two Stage Trigger System for your Glock Pistol gives you the cutting edge  in trigger control.  


The Glock line of pistols blazed a new path into the firearm world and changed the industry forever. But for all the things that Glock has been known for, an incredible trigger isn’t one of them.  

We’ve set out to change that. Our new product allows you to set a secondary spring tension within your trigger’s travel. This tension can be set between 0.8 lbs and 2 lbs.  

This becomes even more important with your already modified triggers where you end up trading trigger weight for trigger crispness. Not anymore. You can have your Competition Spring set with your 2/3.5 lb connector and still have that crisp break right at the end of your trigger. This gives you the ability to nail even those near impossible distance shots.  

Our Two Stage Trigger System is compatible with all your current modifications, so you don’t need to throw away any of your favorite add-ons.  

It is also completely adjustable, so it can fit anyone’s pistol and can be adjusted for personal preferences.  

Installation is simple. If you’ve taken off your back plate and know how to use a screwdriver, then you’re more than qualified to install our new Two Stage Trigger.  

Give your Glock a World Class Trigger with Advantage Arms Two Stage Trigger.


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